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In our history we have worked to develop long term relationships with our clients and built a level of trust that is key to ensuring they keep their systems, data and people secure.

Some words about us

The IntelTech Network Security consulting team work with a cross section of organisations in the government and commercial sectors covering strategy and framework development through to security operations.

Benchmark whether your current IT policies reflect your organisation's intentions to diligently manage digital information throughout its life cycle and keep it safe from unauthorised persons.


Build a human firewall – our education and awareness training options including tailored class room based training through to online cyber security awareness content delivery.

Verify your organisation is complying with your own documented policies and provide assurance that policy is being effectively implemented, procedures/processes/controls are in place; and are operational.

Fast Response

We can quickly react to a cyber security incident should one occur in your organisation and ensure you effectively combat an attack or outbreak to limit any damage to your organisation.

  • Professional Service

    Using our specialist forensic systems our team can undertake forensic investigation work. This typically assists organisations to identify anomalies in order to avoid further breaches, or to collect supporting evidence for employment or legal proceedings.

  • Technical Security Audit

    IntelTech Network Security Security’s audit process is a hands-on test of how your systems operate and how they are being managed. The level of protection is assessed against the amount of cyber security risk to the organisation.

  • Website Security Audits

    We have the tools and the expertise to provide an independent assessment of websites in order to determine vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

  • Virtual CISO

    You can secure access to IntelTech Network Security personnel with the seniority and business understanding to fulfil the CISO role on a part time basis for your organisation.

Virtual IT Security Manager

Tap into our experience on a weekly or monthly basis to ensure you are managing security
controls effectively and driving operational improvements to reduce risk to your business.